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Welcome to Omnibrokers.com

We specialize in INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE and supplemental health insurance with affordable health insurance rates for Individuals, families and groups.

OMNI Capital (FE) Limited (Hong Kong) – was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1971 and is also known as OmniCap. OmniCap was set up to provide various financial services (including insurance brokerage) to the Expatriate community worldwide with focus on those living and working in Asia. Services included a full line of insurance products but mainly focused on personal insurance plans such as worldwide medical, life, accident, travel and disability income. Incorporated and managed by Expats, OmniCap marketed its services to other Expats involved in the Vietnam War, the construction industry and also the ASEAN oilfields. Business spread through customer referrals to other foreigners working or living away from home and in locations around the globe. Today the company handles families on nearly every continent. Most accounts serviced by the company are standard and tailored worldwide individual, family and group International Medical Insurance or HealthCare plans for Omni’s traditional Expat market. In more recent years an increasing number of customers are local nationals who frequently travel away from their home country and want ample Healthcare protection when doing so.

In February 2000 OmniCap launched its long-awaited International HealthCare value-added services concept. This Internet driven service bureau program currently enjoys the benefit of numerous inquiries that are leading to new customers from every continent on earth. Acting as a unique bureau of Healthcare Plan information, comparison, sales and assistance OmniCap has been instrumental in helping a measurable number of existing planholders better understand their entitlements. >> Read more